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We carefully and diligently keep our clients’ books of account and HR records. Our services are continuously streamlined thanks to the application of state-of-the-art technological solutions. Carefully listening to our clients’ voice, we look for the best solutions with a view to maximizing the effectiveness of the accounting processes and their business.

As part of our accounting services we:

  • keep full accounting records,
  • supervise bookkeeping at our clients’,
  • provide accounting advisory services,
  • calculate VAT,
  • calculate income taxes,
  • draw up standalone and consolidated financial statements,
  • ensure reporting in English or German to company owners abroad,
  • draw up statistical reports required by the Central Statistical Office of Poalnd (GUS) and NBP,
  • represent tax payers before the Tax Office,
  • provide tax and accounting advice and explanations,

To small- and medium-sized companies we propose outsourcing the tasks of the Chief Accountant as part of comprehensive accounting outsourcing.

We also render HR and payroll services, including:

  • employee documentation (personnel files),
  • payroll,
  • bills for civil law contracts.
  • comprehensive social security calculations and completing PIT returns